Can I rent a cart? 

Yes. You may rent a cart for an extra $5 fee on top of the base green fee. 

Is there a 9-hole rate?

No. There is not a 9-hole rate.

Is there a resident discount?

Yes. Residents of Lake San Marcos receive a $2 discount off of any rate throughout the day. 

How many par-4's are on the course? 

We have four par-4's.

When is the course the "most open?"

Come out in the afternoon before our twilight rush (12-2 pm) if you are looking to enjoy your round without the pressure of other golfers behind you. 

Can I order food to-go?

Yes. Any food can be ordered to-go. Just call (760) 744-9092 and expect a 10-15 minute wait 

Where do I check in for golf or order food?

Check in for golf and food ordering are both handled at the bar. A one-stop shop!

Do you serve hard alcohol?

We do not serve hard alcohol. However, we carry over 60 of the area's most renowned craft beers as well as a carefully selected wine list. 

How far out can I book in advance?

We allow bookings seven days in advance. 

How can I rent the Tap In Tavern for an event?

Contact for event bookings and information.