These Lake San Marcos (LSM) Lake & Lodge area Rules and Regulations (R&R) are binding on property owners, Lodge members and any person using, working, or entering upon LSM and apply to the LSM recreational area (the Lodge), which includes the buildings, structures and real property surrounding the Lake and the Lake itself which is owned and governed by the Lodge at Lake San Marcos (LLSM).



  1. LLSM is a private ‘Membership Only’ entity which governs and manages the use of the Lodge and its facilities.

  2. Members are individuals/families with LLSM memberships/Leases’ in good standing with LLSM.

  3. Guests are defined as persons who are overnight visitors of the Lodge member. Guests must be personally escorted by the member at all times. More than one visit by the same individual in a 30 day period requires management approval.

  4. LLSM does NOT allow commercial business activity on the Lake or Lodge property or its facilities.

  5. There is NO ‘public access’ to the Lake.

  6. Hotel, LLSM & member watercraft are the only vessels allowed on the lake.

  7. Members are required to have a key card to access all facilities and have them available when enjoying the amenities.

  8. Any Lodge team member has the right to restrict future use to anyone who is abusive to equipment, unduly noisy, violates rules, harass’ staff or interferes with the enjoyment of others.   

  9. No Signage, bulletin boards or flyers to be posted anywhere on Lodge property without prior approval from management.

  10. Pets are permitted when leashed and attended to, owners MUST pick up after their pets.

  11. All organized gathering at any of the recreation areas,  with a guest count greater than 10, is considered an “event”.




We trust our members will agree to and comply with our Rules & Regulations; however, in the event of non-compliance penalties and/or fines may be assessed. Terms of the lease/membership will remain in effect.


Contact Information


The Lodge Recreation Office    (760) 653-3219


Lake & Lodge Membership     (760) 653-3220
[email protected]


Event Space Rentals & Catering    (760) 653-3210


Lake San Marcos Marina    (760) 621-0006


Executive Golf Course     (760) 744-9092


St Mark Golf Club     (760) 744-1310


Lakehouse Hotel and Resort     (760) 744-0120