1. Members of the Lake and/or the Lodge, guests of members, hotel guests and  Lakehouse Marina guests must have a fishing license. One can be obtained at

  1. Fishing is permitted from the dock at La Plaza Park, a rented boat, a member’s private boat, their private dock or the Lakehouse Marina*. There is absolutely no fishing from the bridge, no fishing from the island and no shoreline fishing.  Fishing is prohibited from the docks at the Lodge.

  1. Lake San Marcos has been declared a CATCH AND RELEASE LAKE.  This means all bass, regardless of size or time of year, must be returned to the lake, unharmed as soon as possible after being caught.  No bass are to be taken from the lake at any time.  When returning a fish to the lake, care should be exercised when extracting the hook in order to cause as little damage as possible to the mouth and gills.

  1. No live bait, except worms, may be used.

  1. Violation of these regulations could lead to the suspension of fishing privileges temporarily or permanently.  They are set forth as the minimum restrictions necessary to keep our lake an enjoyable fishing spot.  Please help enforce them.


             *Age restrictions & additional costs may apply.