LSM Overview and FAQ’s

The Lodge at Lake San Marcos is a private member facility operated by PE Management Group, Inc. 

It is our objective to maintain and improve the Lodge in order for all members to enjoy the benefits of the facility.  The privileges include use of the Lodge and Lake Facilities.  The Lake Facilities do not include any docks or other fixtures which are currently on the lake and/or which PEMG may be put on, in, or near the lake in the future.      
LSM is an unincorporated community which is governed by San Diego County. The property and surrounding community is patrolled by Lake San Marcos Security Patrol. Police protection is provided by the County Sheriff’s department, but traffic enforcement is under the jurisdiction of the California Highway Patrol.

Homeowner's Associations

LSM has 21 active home owner associations, and approximately 1,000 homes that are not part of an HOA. If you live in an HOA they collect monthly dues for the upkeep and maintenance of the lake, dam and common area property. The different HOA’s have various levels of amenities (some have pools and clubhouses some do not) and the amount of the monthly HOA dues varies. Most HOA’s administer their own Architectural Controls over members homes. Residents of Sun Park have lake privileges for boating and fishing included in their Annual Lake Assessment. They may enjoy the Lodge and Docking privileges for an additional  fee.  

Residents of Fairway Knolls are ineligible to join at this time. Please ask your HOA for more information.


Non HOA Residence's

There are some individual homes that are not a part of an HOA, they pay annual assesments for the Lodge independantly.  Architectural controls for these homes are provided by the LSMCA. This includes exterior color changes, additions or other remodeling visible to the exterior of the home as well as landscaping.  Changes to the exterior of a home require approval before work commences.  The Architectural committee also investigates complaints regarding CC&R violations within the community. For more information contact the LSCMA office.


Access To Lodge Facilities

The Lodge recreational facilities and the lake are accessible to those residents who have a “Lake and Lodge” membership. Most HOA’s have a master lease with the Lodge and membership payment is included in the monthly HOA dues. Many  independent homeowners also have a membership, but they pay their assessments to the Lodge directly. The Lodge owns all of the docks on the lake and rents out dock space for boat owners. The Marina, located at the Lakehouse Hotel rents various types of watercraft, including kayaks, stand up paddleboards and boats to residents and guests of the hotel.

The Lodge amenities include 2 swimming pools, 3 tennis courts, 4 pickleball courts, 3 paddleball courts,  billiards room and a large lawn and beach area. Check the monthly calendar for a variety of fun activities hosted by the Lodge each month.



Q:  Is the Lodge an HOA?

A:  No the Lodge is an optional membership


Q: How do I know if I have a Lodge membership lease?

A:  Call the Lodge and they can check to see if you have a current Lease.


Q: What do I need to know if I’m selling my house?

A:  You need to check to see if you have an individual membership lease with the Lodge, if so it may be transferred to the new owners or you will have to negotiate an early termination.


Q:  If I’m buying a house with an existing Lease do I need to have it transferred to me?

A:  No, the membership is tied to the member, not the property, you do not have to assume it.


Q:  Can I join the Lodge if I don’t want the current lease?

A:  Yes, you may start your own membership.  We encourage all new residents to become a member and support the lake.


Q:  I sold my house and no longer live here but i keep getting an assessment bill, why?

A:  There is an existing membership lease that wasn't transferred, you need to call to negotiate an early termination to avoid future penalties

Q:  Where do I send payments to?  

A:  St Mark Golf, LLC P.O. Box 2439 San Marcos, CA  92079