1. All boats will be launched by a Lodge representative by appointment only (with the exception of kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards). Kayaks, canoes and paddle boards must be launched from the Lakehouse Hotel Marina and must be inspected each time prior to launch.  If you house your kayak, canoe or paddle board in dry storage at The Lodge, you may launch your vessel from the Lodge Dock 1.

  2. Prior to the placing of any vessel with or without a motor, on the lake, the owner must:

Obtain a boat license decal from the Lodge Recreation Office

Satisfy all State and County requirements

Clean the outside of the boat thoroughly

Place decal on windshield or on the bow (front) of the boat    

  1. All watercraft must be inspected prior to launching in LSM and clearly display a LLSM registration sticker on the front of the vessel

  2. Only Watercraft owners in good standing with the Lake & Lodge are permitted on the Lake.

  3. All motorized vessels regardless of size or capabilities, must pay to rent  a dock slip. Slips are available at the Lodge or Lakehouse Marina, prices vary.

  4. Non motorized vessels are permitted to be stored at the member's home

  5. Gas motors must be 9.9HP or less.

  6. Electric trolling motors are permitted at all times, must comply with State of California safety equipment requirements

  7. Boats of excessive size are not permitted on Lake San Marcos.  

  8. Class “A” fishing boats (less than 16’ in length) are permitted

  9. Pontoon boats must be 24’ or less

  10. Boats must not have an operating toilet

  11. All watercraft and trailers, accessories will be inspected by LLSM for invasive species, including Quagga and Zebra mussels prior to launch.

  12. Members agree not to live aboard or permit anyone to live aboard their boat

  13. Anchoring overnight in the Lake is prohibited

  14. Boat owners must report immediately, to the Lodge, for any of the following:

Change in boat ownership

Substitution of one boat for another

Changes in horsepower of boat motors

Change in dock location

Permanent removal of boat


  1. Pass to your right when overtaking or head on

  2. Observe all State and County boating safety laws

  3. Respect other’s rights, fishing, sailing, cruising, and rowing

  1. Obey “right of way” in the following order:




Power boats

  1. All boats must keep at least 15’ from all docks and shoreline when cruising

  2. Do not tamper with buoy markers or signs

  3. Watch your speed; excessive wakes are prohibited

  4. Use counter-clockwise course

  5. Keep shoreline on right side



  1. No swimming in the lake

  2. No commercial fishing

  3. No fishing from the Island; Island is off limits

  4. All boats must stay at least 50’ north of the dam

  5. No person is permitted on the dam

  6. Quiet hours are between 10:00pm and 5:00am

  7. Wildlife is not to be disturbed in any manner on the lake or Lodge properties



  1. A Dock Registration Sticker must be executed between the boat owner and Lodge before a boat may be launched on the lake or moored on any dock at Lake San Marcos

  2. An annual fee shall be paid by the boat owner to the Lodge for docking

  3. Boats must be moored on the resident’s half of a shared dock or at The Marina dock or at The Lodge dock

  4. Moving watercraft from one dock to another is prohibited unless prior Approval from LLSM; the former dock space will be forfeited.

  5. Dock slips do NOT convey with the sale of a home or a boat.  

  6. Front-load spots on main docks are solely reserved for pontoon boats.  

  7. The ends of main docks are for smaller boats

  8. No modification may be made to docks or slips without prior approval from management


Launch Ramp Access

  1. A LLSM Marina attendant MUST assist in launching vessel by appointment only, launching is not allowed without an attendant present

  2. Launching from La Plaza Park is not allowed under any circumstances. 

  3. Canoes and Kayaks must be launched from the Canoe & Kayak launch ramp at the Lodge and/or Lakehouse Hotel marinas

  4. The La Plaza ramp will be locked at all times, only active members in good standing shall have access

  5. It is recommended to use a 4x4 vehicle when using the launch ramp, if a member needs assistance to place or remove a vessel from the water there will be a $50 fee.


Equipment Storage

  1. Watercraft owners shall not store or leave any items on the floats, docks, fingers or landings

  • Gear of any nature stored on any dock will be removed at the owner's expense.

  1. LLSM offers kayak storage, indoor or outdoor at the Lodge, see the recreation office for additional information


Vessel Maintenance

  1. Removal of vessel for maintenance must be scheduled in advance with LLSM Marina

  2. Contractors hired by the owner must be approved by LLSM and provide proof of liability insurance of $500,000 minimally

  3. All work must be conducted in a manner whereby visible emissions are NOT generated and materials and/or waste are released into the water.

  4. Repair work prohibited while watercraft is docked, privately or at LLSM and Lakehouse Hotel Marinas are but not limited to:

Spray painting

Heavy sanding

Use of paint remover

Spray guns prohibited

  1. Vessels not in compliance will be issued a written warning and expected to be brought to standards within 30 days


Waste Disposal

  1. The disposal of oil, chemicals, paints thinners or batteries in the Lake and LLSM and Lakehouse Hotel trash receptacles is strictly prohibited

  2. All hazardous materials/waste must be removed and disposed of at a licensed waste disposal facility

  3. Watercraft owners and/or their contractors are responsible for the removal and proper disposal of all waste



LLSM Management reserves the right at all times to cancel or withdraw access of any craft violating any of the rules and regulations of LSM.